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[Corrected Petition Link:] TAKE ACTION: Schwarzenegger & Brown under attack over Prop. 8

Apologies for the duplicate email. The previous message went out with the wrong petition attached. See below for the right link.

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Dear Supporter,

Right-wing, anti-equality groups are targeting Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic Attorney General Brown, urging them to appeal Judge Walker’s historic decision.

We need to make sure they don’t succeed.

( Gov. Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Brown and urge them to stand strong against right-wing attacks. (

At a time when the state is strapped for cash, our leaders should be concentrating resources on keeping teachers, firefighters and police on the job, not defending discrimination in court.

So far the Governor and Attorney General’s offices have stood with the majority of Californians who now support marriage for same-sex couples.

Urge Governor and Attorney General to keep doing the right thing: not defending bigotry in court. (

And urge your friends and family to do the same. (  /  Call the Governor: 916-445-2841  /  Call the Attorney General: 916-324-5437

On Wednesday evening, the U. S. Constitution’s promise of equality for all will hopefully be restored and couples will start getting married again.

We need to protect their marriages by making sure the state stays out of the business of discrimination.

Thank the Governor and Attorney General for standing on the side of equality, and urge them to continue to stand strong. (


Geoff Kors

Executive Director, Equality California

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