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The Media

It was inevitable, the media is trying to portray us as radicals. There are images of us protesting with rare occurrences of overzealous behavior. One news outlet is comparing us to fascists thugs in Germany and Italy prior to WWII and I quote “ America hasn’t yet seen political violence of the kind that led to takeovers of Germany and Italy by Fascist thugs before World War II. But if media outlets don’t investigate these incidents, expose the perpetrators, and pressure the government to press charges, we can only anticipate greater political violence.” This was a commentary on the protests occurring across the nation regarding prop 8. \

Now I can understand your frustration but we must continue to behave as if our mother was by our side while we protest. We must maintain our true nature and not allow them to use images of us, against us. I know it may be hard given our struggle. Mike Huckabee doesn't agree, Mike Huckabee went on "The View" today ranting and raving about civil rights and how great it is that our country elected Barack Obama. However, when Joy Behar asked him what he thought of the gay civil rights struggle going on right now - Huckabee said it wasn't the same. Huckabee tried to make a comparison to the African American civil rights movement calling it different, because blacks were beaten and stoned. He obviously is unfamiliar with Mathew Shepard and the many others who are persecuted in this country every day for being gay. Not only strangers but their own family. I know gay marriage wont end this behavior but it will help move us towards some sort of homeostasis. Remember we are fighting for our RIGHTS.

Thank you for your time.

Allow me to apologize beforehand, If there are any grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts expressed in this posting as I am new to all of this. I did not major in writing in college. I began this cause because of Barack Obama and his inspiration to create change. I may not be perfect, however, I am trying. My previous posting may not have been perfect (As I have been told) however I am trying to make a difference and that is all I can do at this point. So if you would like to assist me in any way please feel free to contact me and do so.

Rudy Bologna

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