[Corrected Petition Link:] TAKE ACTION: Schwarzenegger & Brown under attack over Prop. 8

Apologies for the duplicate email. The previous message went out with the wrong petition attached. See below for the right link. Kind Regards, EQCA *********************************** Dear Supporter, Right-wing, anti-equality groups are targeting…Read More

TAKE ACTION: Schwarzenegger & Brown under attack over Prop. 8

Dear Supporter, Right-wing, anti-equality groups are targeting Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic Attorney General Brown, urging them to appeal Judge Walker’s historic decision. We need to make sure they don’t succeed. Email Gov.…Read More

Judge Walker: Same-sex couples can wed Aug. 18!

It's a great day in California! Today Judge Walker, the U.S. district court judge who recently heard the case against Proposition 8, denied a motion by the supporters of Prop. 8 for a stay to keep same-sex couples from marrying. Same-sex couples will be able…Read More

The Media

It was inevitable, the media is trying to portray us as radicals. There are images of us protesting with rare occurrences of overzealous behavior. One news outlet is comparing us to fascists thugs in Germany and Italy prior to WWII and I quote “ America…Read More


Fear originates from the unkown. Communicate with other and make your case. Fear is our only enemy it is not the church and it definately isnt the Republicans. We have control of the situation so lets get out there and COMMUNICATE.......INFORM. I challenge…Read More

Support is Growing

I first want to thank everyone for their support of this Cause and let you know we have friends in this. It looks like MoveOn.org is continuing their support by organizing and donating. Check out their website for more information.
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