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Proving once again that Mutts grow all on their own. There isn't going to be some kind of big Thanksgiving push. Just sit back, relax, and throw your mutt some turkey. The tryptophans'll make them sleepy, and keep them from begging at the table. Thanks,…Read More


Cue up the Sam and Dave, because I'm so glad we made it: the Mutt Cause is now 100 members strong! Extra props to Laura Zutel Agnoletti, who put us over the top into triple-digit territory. According to Facebook Causes, 100 members makes us a Club. (This…Read More

10... 9... 8...

Dear Mutt-lovers, All 90 of you! Just 10 more members, and we'll be a pack of 100 strong to Put a Mutt in the White House by this weekend! Reaching out to just one or two strays on your contact list can put us over the top. And, lest, you think this is a…Read More

32 mutt-lovers, and counting!

Thanks to your help, Facebook Causes now considers us one big happy Family (25+ members) of mutt lovers. What's next, a Clan? Wouldn't it be ironic if they called us a Breed? Questions for you all: - Should we raise money for something? Something cheap, like…Read More

we're a crowd!

According to FB, Put a Mutt in the White House has reached 10 members, and is therefore now a Crowd! Let's take it to the next level... Big Crowd! (Gang? Pack?) - Adam
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