the kenya vision 2030

The Kenya Vision 2030 Program Kenya is ushering in a national vision that is bound to touch the lives of all citizens. For the first time, a long-term plan to transform the lives of Kenyans was launched. This is Kenya Vision 2030: Transforming National…Read More


hi guys , how well do we know the Kenya vision 2030 please respond, and let see how prepared we are , and if we shall achieve it

healing and reconcilliaton among the youths in kenya

hi everyone/ Kenya youth arise network, it planing a series of meeting in different parts of Kenya to bring healing forgiveness , restoration and love among the youth affected by post election violence , if you want to be involved in any capacity please let…Read More


hello everyone , we really overwhelmed by your positive response you have given us, now we go the practicals of the matter , as you know Kenyans have been facing a problem of hunger and famine for a while , now as much the government has sent for food appeal,…Read More

thanks for your good work

thanks for all of you , who have joined this noble cause , we not only grateful , but we know your commitment and love , moral and finical support will go long way in making the youth of Kenya empowered , healthy and informed , which really our mandate , our…Read More

hallo , thanks for your good work

hello Kenya youth arise network , fighting disease and poverty in Africa and in Kenya in particularly is honored to be in partnership with you , we have a project to empower the dis advantaged youths with training then give them loans and grants to start…Read More

help me raise cash for kenya youtharise network , only 100votes needed

help me raise money for kenya youth arise network GiveMeaning Logo I have a great idea to raise money for a charitable goal and I need your vote now so I can start fundraising at . Both GiveMeaning and I want to be sure the Project is…Read More
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