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Guest Editorial — The latest government takeover: Public NoticesShare Today at 5:54pm The Latest Government Takeover: Public Notices By Dennis DeRossett Taxpayers have seen their fair share of government takeovers the past few years. The auto industry, Wall…Read More

Broadband access is still limited

Although newspapers continue to move public notices onto their own websites, the printed notice cements the fixed record of print. So both print and online will be with us for a while if legislators truly understand the purposes of their notices. Here's…Read More

If you live in or report on rural America, you may want to know...

More than 40% of US farms still do not have Internet access, even though the usage is up 2 percentage points from 2007. Newspapers need to continue to put their public notices on their websites, in addition to preserving the official record in print. But…Read More

Support Financial Institution Transparency

After this past year's economic meltdown, the time may have arrived to require banks and other financial institutions to be more pro-active in publishing information about their solvency and financial status. National Newspaper Association has endorsed HR…Read More

Restore Public Notice Transparency to Banks

Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina has introduced HR 2727, to require financial institutions to publish a quarterly status report. Jones says restoring these publications--which appeared in American newspapers for some 70 years until 1994--will help bring…Read More

Please comment and VOTE on our idea for the White House

Only 27 people have commented on newspaper public notice so far--we need some more votes and thoughtful comments. The link is I must admit, our group has some of the more thoughtful contributions. Somehow this…Read More

Please comment to the White House about public notice

The White House conversation about transparency is still moving ahead, and is vigorous and thoughtful. Please consider reading my post on newspaper public notice and the need to push information out to the public,not just passively post it on…Read More
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