Comedy Night Fund Raiser

Fund Raiser

Calling all friends new and old!!! On Saturday,January 31st we will be having a benefit at The Eastville Comedy Club in NYC The show starts at 8PM but we ask you get there by 7:00- 7:30. Door admission will be $20 and there will be a two drink minimum.There…Read More

Fund Raiser For Sue at the Eastville Comedy Club NYC

Thanks for joining my help Sue

Hi This is Eli Susan's husband..I'd like to thank you all for joining my cause. I am trying to raise money to buy Sue expensive therapy equipment for the house so she can get better.If you can even send 10$ it would go far..Please help me help her get…Read More


I'd like to thank everyone for helping out my wife Susan..We still have a long way to go..I know times are tough now but even a 5 dollar donation will go a long way.....Thank also to all the people who are emailing friends we reached 675 members…Read More


I want to say thanks to all my friends who have joined the Susan Steinberg Cause. Susan is a close friend and all I want is for her to get strong. Please support her! She is an amazing person and she needs your help.

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for lending a hand to my wife. I'm at a loss of word from the out pour of help and support. We have now reached 1000$ but I still have a long ways to go. The smallest contribution will go a long way. Again thank you all for your…Read More
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