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anyone who has gone to SAGADA, PULAG, IFUGAO,and other places in the
Cordillera -- will notice that BAGUIO has LOST its CHARM--it is crowded, it
is polluted, water is scarce, it is full of squatters even in the watershed
areas and it is HOT. The pine trees are so choked with smog. Session Road is no
longer leisurely cool walk -- it's like being in Cubao (okey - exaggeration but
i really hate the billboards up there -- it's so cluttered, an eyesore).
Hopefully Sagada won't follow suit---but it's getting to be commercial
up there too. Maybe by signing up, you will help RECLAIM BAGUIO's lost beauty
and stop the degradation of all the other places we all love in the Northern
region--so, how about signing this petition?
We believe that the City of Baguio is culturally,
environmentally and aesthetically unique and
different from other cities in the Philippines.
We believe that Baguio is the nerve center of
our rich and diverse cultures: the Filipino culture
in general, the highland Cordilleran culture, the
lowland Ilocano culture, and the heritage culture
brought about by the Americans during the early 20th
We believe that in the past two decades, the City of
Baguio has experienced a substantial degradation of
its unique culture, environment and art.
We believe that the approval of certain politicians
with no respect for the aesthetics and the
environment of Baguio to put up concrete structures
such as malls, overpasses and flyovers only worsens
Baguio City's lamentable decay as a 'City of Pines.'
We believe that this overdevelopment resulting in
pollution has to stop.
We believe that due to its unique history and blend
of cultures, Baguio can be to the Philippines as
Barcelona is to Spain, Chiang Mai is to Thailand,
and San Francisco is to the United States: a main
center of ar ts, culture, philosophy, education,
tourism, sustainable development and environmental
We believe, therefore, that the City of Baguio
deserves to be declared a 'Special Heritage Zone,'
so that the degradation brought about by
overdevelopment can be minimized and gradually
controlled. We believe that Baguio City's heritage
as a center of culture and environmental awareness
is a valuable asset not just to the Philippines, but
also to the world.
We now respectfully call on the residents of Baguio
and the Filipino people to sign this humble
petition, and for the local and national government
concerned to implement and declare Special Heritage
status on this unique mountain City as soon as
possible, preferably before the Baguio Centennial in
2009, so no further destruction on its limited
cultural, environmental and aesthetic resources may
Please add your name to the list and send this
message to a s many people as possible. Please do not
just click 'forward'-- Instead highlight the text
and copy onto a new message box.
Thank you!
abigail t. bengwayan
public information commission
cordillera peoples alliance
www.cpaphils. org

P.O. Box 975
No. 2 P. Guevarra Street
West Modern Site, Aurora Hill
Baguio City, Philippines 2600
Telephone Number (063) (74) 442-2115
Fax: (063) (74) 443-7159

1. RECLAIM BAGUIO's lost beauty