To aid families whose critically or terminally ill children require treatment that is too expensive for the families to afford on their own.

Julien Fleming was a little boy who lived in Sterling, Virginia. He fought a long and painful battle with a rare neurological disorder called GM1 Gangliosidosis. He only lived to be six years old.

During his six years of life, Julien's medical treatment averaged about $1,200 per month. His mother quit her job to care for him at home after his diagnosis, and his father worked as a tow truck-driver, which gave him flexible hours to help care for his son, but did not provide him with medical benefits.

During the last three years of his life, the majority of Julien's medical care was paid for by donations raised by members of the science fiction community.

The Julien Fleming Memorial Fund was created as a non-profit charity in 2002, two years after Julien's passing in 2000. Its purpose is to aid other families of critically or terminally ill children who have financial need.

--In Loving Memory of Julien Adam Fleming--
February 27, 1994-November 29,2000

1. Sick children should not be forced to suffer just because their families cannot afford to pay for their treatment.