Invite your friends to join us!

2011 is going to be a big year for Martha Care. We should have our first social worker in place, working across both Frenchay and the Children's Hospital. Once this happens we need to look at how we make sure we keep up our commitments to families across the…Read More

Help For Heroes Cake Raffle

Hi, we have been donated a cake won in a Help for Heroes raffle and I have agreed we would split the raffle 50/50 with half coming to us and half going to Help for Heroes. The cake is a mixed fruit cake with a rather special Help for Heroes icing. It's been…Read More

Martha Care Christmas Party

Hi, if you're still thinking about whether to come to our Martha Care Xmas party then you should check out what's on offer: Hog roast with local delicious vegetables, veggie alternative, salads and Nibbles at the Vineyards excellent array of puddings (I had a…Read More

Sponsored Fire Walking 16th October - Tor Leisure Glastonbury

On 16th October Martha Care is holding a sponsored fire walk. This is something not for the faint hearted and requires specialist training to be able to do this. All training will be provided though and we want to make it a night to remember for participants…Read More

Welcome to Amy & ever thought of burning your feet for charity!

Hello Everyone Bristol now has it's very own Martha Care fundraiser. Amy McKay already has an excellent record raising money for the Cats Protection League where she works as a full-time fundraiser. Amy has generously offered some of her spare time to begin…Read More

Meet Evie Mae

Evie Mae Parker is Martha Care's newest and cutest supporter. She and her family have been working really hard raising funds for Martha Care. Read all about her on the Martha Care website: Forward this on to inspire…Read More

Martha Care Latest News

 Martha Care is currently in the final stages of negotiation with the Barbara Russell Unit and hope to place the advert for the Martha Care worker very soon. In the meantime we've got several fundraising projects going on: Glastonbury Yellow Day April 1st…Read More
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