My brother Nathan (pictured), died suddenly and unexpectedly aged 32 during a siezure. I have created this cause to raise awareness of this condition. Please take a look at the extended information.

My brother Nathan (pictured) died of S.U.D.E.P 'Sudden Unexpeted Death in Epliepsy' on 11/11/2006 aged 32. This is a condition which like others we had not been aware of despite Nathan having had epilepsy for many years. He left behind a young son, who was just 1 year old at the time of Nathan's death. Please help to raise awareness of this condition so that fewer people need to experience this kind of tragic loss.

With awareness there is the opportunity to reduce the risks of S.U.D.E.P. Basic information on reducing the risks can be found below. More detailed information can be found at websites linked from this page.

The most common factors that can trigger S.U.D.E.P are:

Generalised tonic-clonic seizures

Uncontrolled seizures

Young adults

Seizures during sleep

Unwitnessed seizures (living alone)

Abrupt and frequent changes in medication

Failing to take prescribed medication

Excess of alcohol

People with epilepsy whose seizures are not recorded in medical notes

Please join my cause and pass it on to your friends. Also please sign the following petition to help the government raise awareness of this condition. The more people are aware of this condition, the opportunity they have to reuce the risks.


Thank You.

Roy Grimes

1. To Raise awareness of S.U.D.E.P

2. To sign a Downing Street petition

3. Please sign here: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/-SUDEP/