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'Promote Bangladesh' Salutes Senator Edward Kennedy as a 'Friend of Bangladesh' and the Liberation War Museum in 'Promoting Bangladesh'

Dear Friends of Promote Bangladesh,


Senator Edward Kennedy died on 26 August 2009. He played an instrumental role during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971 in influencing USA foreign policy towards the newly founded State of Bangladesh.

Because of his contributions in 'Promoting Bangladesh', Senator Edward Kennedy can be thought of as a true 'Friend of Bangladesh'.

Promote Bangladesh Salutes this 'Friend of Bangladesh' of 1971.


It is now possible for us as a Nation to show our gratitude to Senator Edward Kennedy.

The Liberation War Museum (Mukktijuddha Jadughar) at 5 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka, Bangladesh has opened a condolence book for signature collection. It is open for al Bangladeshis to express their Thanks to this wonderful 'Friend of Bangladesh'. The condolence book will be handed over to the Kennedy Family through the USA Embassy, Dhaka. Bangladesh very soon.

The Liberation War Museum is also arranging a Memorial Meeting for Senator Edward Kennedy at 5 Segunbagicha on Wednesday 2nd September at 3:30pm.

If neither of the above is possible, then please do attend the Event that has been created in Facebook. Follow the link:


Promote Bangladesh Salutes this 'Friend of Bangladesh' of 1971. May his Soul rest in peace. Senator Edward Kennedy will live in the Hearts of Men for many, many years to come.


Asrar Chowdhury
Creator of Promote Bangladesh

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