has ruined this site by constant changes - i no longer use it.

i had a good campaign going raising thousands of dollars for rhino conservation and stuffed it all up by constantly making uneccessary changes to justify their incomes. The site is now confusing to use, doesnt show how much has been raised or who…Read More

South Africa rhino poaching hits new high- 725 Rhino killed!!!

Cape Town: The number of rhino poached for their horns since January 2013 has increased to 725, exceeding the annual record of 668 set in 2012, South Africa's department of environmental affairs (DEA) said Thursday. This came despite intensified efforts to…Read More

Update on November 16, 2012

Run completed in impressive time of 1.37.56 Total of $300 raised for Rhino Conservation. Thank you to all those who donated. I sincerely appreciate your generosity and support. Keep up the good work you do on Causes!

Update on July 01, 2012

Latest numbers on the Rhino poaching crisis in South Africa put the tally so far this year at 255. Putting it on track to be the worst year for Rhino Poaching in over 15years. the total for last year was 333. So Rhino deaths are still on the increase and…Read More

cameras used to help save worlds rarest Rhino

The World Wide Fund and International Rhino Foundation have placed 120 additional video cameras to capture images of endangered Javan rhinos in Ujung Kulon National Park, the animal’s original habitat, in Banten. The cameras were added to the 40 that were…Read More

630 killed in 2012 - 158 killed so far in 2013

The poaching of Rhino in Southern Africa continues to rise with an average of 2 Rhino being killed every day for their horn. We need to increase awareness of this crisis by recruiting more members so we can put more pressure on the local government. this is…Read More

Fight against rhino poaching continues

The Department of Environmental Affairs made a renewed call for action by all South Africans against the ongoing scourge of rhino poaching. "It is clear we need to continue working with all stakeholders and our entire South African society if this war on…Read More
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