Our Mission is to spread AWARENESS to Citizens throughout the world that the Chinese government is CONSISTENTLY violating the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS

A cause for those who wish to see the citizens of China live in a free and Democratic society free from fear and oppression.

1. The Chinese Government must immediately enact policy changes in order to conform with the rules set fourth by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2. The Chinese government must come clean about Tiananmen square massacre.

3. The Chinese government shall award just compensation to the victims of the Tiananmen square massacre and other such events.

4. The organ harvesting of political prisoners, the Falun Gong and others MUST stop.

5. The Chinese supported genocide in Sudan and other countries for strategic economic gain must be condemned and discontinued.

6. The continued occupation of Tibet must come to an end.

7. The Chinese government shall work towards Tibetan and Taiwanese Independence.

8. The Chinese government shall also immediately cease support of the Burmaese Junta