to partner with artisans in underdeveloped countries by selling their products and using the proceeds to bring about sustainable, empowering, change in their lives and communities.

Poverty is the underlying reason for many other problems. Sex trafficking, illiteracy, hunger, infanticide, genocide, child abuse, and the AIDS epidemic are just a few.

Bajalia is a hand up not a hand out. This is a nonprofit organization that works with providing lasting jobs for people across the world that desperately need a better way of life. Bajalia is currently working in Afganistan, China, Kenya, Phillipines, Thailand, Turkey, etc. The work works with sustaining the indigenous cultures and arts. Those included work with many skills they already know and use in order to make high quality goods that can be sold here in the US. Through the jobs provided, women are leaving sex trafficking, children are getting fed and going to school, genocide widows are able to provide for themselves and their families.

Bajalia works only with fair trade or those too poor to have the fair trade label.

To learn more visit www.Bajalia.com

1. People want to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

2. Hand ups work better and longer than hand outs.

3. If basic needs are not met other changes can not come about in the communities.