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Accelerated Cure Project Calendar for a Cause

Looking for a great holiday gift that also pays it forward? The Calendar for a Cause features beautiful photographs for our furry friends and all proceeds go to Accelerated Cure Project. Purchase yours (and some for gifts!) online today!

Cincinnati, OH - The 2012 Canine Calendar for a Cause features more than 100 dogs with a mission - "to cure Multiple Sclerosis as quickly as possible by determining its causes." 2012 marks the third year for the calendar, which is a high quality, 8 x 11-inch, spiral-bound calendar/planner featuring canine portraits by some of Cincinnati's top professional photographers. Organized by volunteers in Cincinnati, Ohio, who have been affected in some way by MS - a chronic demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system - proceeds from the sales of the calendar are donated to the Cincinnati chapter of the Accelerated Cure Project for MS (ACP). In addition to the photos, the calendar includes recipes for organic dog treats, amusing maxims and touching stories about the dogs. The 2012 Canine Calendar for a Cause is now available at Calendars can also be ordered on line and shipped for $25.00 at

The Calendar co-creators are Glendale resident Jane Vernon Harter and Deborah Mann of Hyde Park. "I was invited to get involved as a volunteer with the Cincinnati Chapter of ACP, and they were struggling to come up with a successful fundraising project," comments Harter. "Combining my talents as an interior designer and love for all things canine, I thought this concept just might work in our community. Deborah and I contacted all our fellow dog-lovers, approached printers and graphic designers for help, and pulled the first calendar together in 2010 on literally a wing-and-a-prayer." Thanks to contributions of time and talent by local professional photographers and graphic designers, as well as gifts from private donors, Harter and Mann anticipate sales of the 2010 and 2011 Canine Calendar for a Cause will translate into a $65,000 donation to the ACP by the end of this year.

The Accelerated Cure Project, a national non-profit organization based in Boston, takes a unique approach to finding a cure for MS. Their main effort is the creation of a large-scale, multidisciplinary MS Repository of blood samples and data from people with MS and matched controls. They make these samples available to researchers all across the globe investigating the causes of MS and other demyelinating diseases. In exchange for access to the repository, researchers agree to return the data they generate from the samples so that results from disparate experiments can be combined. ACP has developed a Cure Map to establish and document what is known and what is not known about the causes of MS. This map will allow ACP to facilitate the research most likely to reveal the causes of MS in the shortest time through the use of the MS Repository. For more information, visit

Anyone interested in seeing their dog in the 2013 Canine Calendar for a Cause, by establishing a memorial to a pet, becoming a sponsor, or exploring volunteer opportunities may contact [email protected]. Follow the latest news from the Cincinnati Chapter of the ACP on Facebook.

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