Our mission is to accelerate advances towards a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS).

About Accelerated Cure Project
The Accelerated Cure Project is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the cure of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by facilitating research that determines the causes and mechanisms of MS. Our primary strategic initiative is the establishment of the MS Repository, a large-scale collection of highly-characterized biosamples available to scientists at any organization who are conducting research that contributes to our mission. All data generated through analysis of MS Repository samples is contributed back to the Accelerated Cure Project, resulting in an increasingly valuable and comprehensive information resource that can be analyzed to reveal new insights about MS. For more information about the Accelerated Cure Project or to make a corporate or individual donation, call 781/487-0008, visit acceleratedcure.org, or send an email to [email protected].

Why MS research needs Accelerated Cure Project

To cure MS, we need to know much more about what causes the disease than we currently do. We also need to understand why relapses happen and how disability accumulates over the course of time.

To learn these things, scientists need to study samples from people with MS along with information about their lives, their past experiences, and their conditions. However, many scientists have a difficult time obtaining the samples they need to perform their research, and often the number of samples they have is too small to produce a conclusive result.

To solve this problem and provide scientists with the samples they need to learn about MS, Accelerated Cure Project has built a large-scale repository of blood samples and data, available to scientists at any institution. It includes:

- Samples from people with MS, people with similar diseases, and control subjects.
- Samples from thousands of subjects that can be used to determine what happens in different people with MS.
- Samples that can tell us about how different types of factors -- genes, viruses, toxic agents, etc. -- interact to trigger MS.
- Data describing these samples so that scientists know exactly what they’re analyzing and how to interpret their results.

This repository is special because it not only helps scientists conduct their studies, but it also links all of their studies together so that we can learn even more about MS. We collect all of the results from each study that uses our samples and combine them in a central database so that they can be analyzed together. Scientists are using this database to build on the work of others and to understand MS from multiple aspects simultaneously. It's a uniquely integrative approach to investigating a disease.

We've committed to provide these samples to the scientists who need them. It's a big challenge but we're succeeding: we've collected samples from over 2,500 people around the country and those numbers are growing! To date, we have supported 47 scientific studies, and ten of these studies have returned their results to our database.

Looking ahead, we will continue expanding the repository so that we can support more research. We will also analyze the data in our repository, revealing new aspects of MS that will accelerate the cure.

1. Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disorder affecting over 400,000 people in the US and 2 million individuals worldwide.

2. Despite having known about MS since the 1800's, we know very little about why people get MS.

3. If we don't know why people get MS, how can we ever hope to cure it or prevent it?

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