What will you be doing for ANZAC Day 2012

going to dawn service (100% people answered this) nothing (0% people answered this) going to an RSL (0% people answered this) playing two up at a pub (0% people answered this) getting together with friends and celebrating with a barbie and a few beers…Read More

5 Soldiers killed in action in 1 day. R.I.P brothers

Three Diggers have been killed by a rogue Afghan soldier while another two Australians have died in a helicopter crash. Two Special Forces privates, aged 23 and 30, were killed when their chopper landed and rolled over in Helmand province earlier today,…Read More

SAS Soldier Killed in Action-33rd Soldier to pass away

An Australian special forces soldier on his seventh tour of duty has been shot dead in Afghanistan while hunting an insurgent leader. The 40-year-old Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) soldier's death is the 33rd Australian fatality in Afghanistan since the…Read More


Up at 0230hrs tomorrow to go to the dawn service at Gallipoli Barracks then off to 2CER boozer for breakfast, drinks and to catch up with the Gingerbeer Family....can't wait :) Have a wonderful ANZAC day....LEST WE FORGET ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Love this photo

Yesterday's ANZAC to today's ANZAC

Children with Medal Recognition

ANZAC DAY-For the Sappers

Celebrate the last ANZAC Day in 2CER boozer before it gets rebuilt.
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