Improve the image of Beer....Beer gets a raw deal out of life

Beer is a great drink that inspires men to think thoughts and say things they would not normally do.

Beer is the drink that helps ugly people seem the best person in the world.

Beer brings people together

Beer is responsible for so many of the worlds children living in todays society

Beer is an aphrodisiac

Beer make the world seem a better place... spirits make the world a bad place

Beer gives you the courage of ten thousand men but the punching accuracy of a goon

Beer makes you see things ten times over... Improving your eyesight

Beer makes dance......badly

Beer gives weekends a meaning in life

Beer helps men put all the worlds problems to right

Beer gives all men the knowledge of football

Beer does not help women understand football

Beer does not help men understand women

Beer is GREAT!!!!!!

1. Beer is Great

2. Beer should be free

3. Beer helps ugly people