A program that works to rebuild children’s lives

Every new conflict and natural disaster around the world creates thousands of innocent victims. Children suffer the worst effects of disaster and human conflict through loss of family, homelessness, hunger and other kinds of injuries.

Project Life is an intensive, volunteer-based program that works to restore the lost childhood of innocent victims of disaster. Our program brings orphans from Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and now Southeast Asia for a three to five month respite. They recover in the peaceful countryside of Western New York. These children, ages 9-12, are welcomed into the homes of local families and benefit from a therapeutic program of education and recreational activities. They make new friends, recover their health and learn new skills. They get a chance to just be kids again, free from the anxiety of catastrophe.

The children return to their homes with new strength, new skills, greater confidence, and a special kind of hope that comes from knowing they have friends here who care deeply about them. Following their rehabilitation orphans return to their home countries. Project Life volunteers retain long-term contact with the orphans and their extended families by visiting them annually in their homes overseas.

1. Dedicated to alleviating suffering and restoring the human spirit

2. Provide peace and support for rest and recuperation

3. Improve physical and psychological health

4. Give children a chance to just be kids

5. Build trust and confidence