Today Ali turns 6!!

Happy Birthday to Alison!! Today Alison turns 6 years old!!

Fund raising efforts.

Hi All, Well it looks like we are not going to reach our $1000 goal. Everyone gave a great effort, though. Thank you to all who donated and to all who joined the cause to spread awareness. NF is a painful disease that effects children and still has no cure.…Read More

If you would like to donate to Ali's Fund

Thank you everyone for joining our causes page. You may notice that there is an area in the middle of the page where you could donate if you would like. We have gotten word from Walmart that if we can raise $1000, they will match it. Walmart is heavly involve…Read More

Holiday Photo Cards

Many of us send out Holiday photo cards. We have created a way to do it through Ali's Fund! If you go to: You will be able to get your Holiday cards through Ali's Fund, using YOUR own pictures. All you have to do, is upload the…Read More

Ali's Fund Store Support NF by buying cool stuff. ALL proceeds go to the Children's Tumor Foundation.
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