To provide local community media content, access to the media and media training programs to the residents of Hollister, Gilroy, and San Juan Bautista, CA

Community Media Access Partnership (CMAP) is a public access television station and community media center operating four channels featuring locally-produced public access, government, and education (PEG), serving the communities of Gilroy, San Juan Bautista or Hollister, California.

CMAP is a 501© (3) non-profit organization, contracted with Charter Communications, and to the cities to provide a community media center that:

• Operates four cable channels delivering relevant video content to the community;
• Provides free and low-cost media training programs to the community, youth, government agencies, educators and to non-profit organizations;
• Produces non-commercial programs and other media materials as vehicles of artistic expression and in the public interest;
• Is transitioning traditional community media distribution from cable to new media distribution channels.

CMAP’s low-cost memberships and scholarships at the media center include free technology and media classes, access to editing software and hardware (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, hard drives and laptops), professional cameras, tripods, lighting, studio production resources, media literacy and digital storytelling workshops, access to computers and to high-speed Internet connectivity.

1. Be the Media: CMAP provides training and camera/editing equipment to help you tell local stories not being heard in the corporate media

2. CMAP operates five local cable television channels with community content for the region.

3. CMAP provides digital media training for at-risk youth, local residents and to the local education and government community.

4. Support the web, video and all media communications goals of non-profit organizations in our community