To establish an independent Scotland.

In 1707 Scotland gave away her independence to form an union with England. This was carried out in the face of overwhelming opposition to the plan by the people of Scotland.

Now 300 years later, the people of Scotland are waking up and calling for the re-establishment of fully independent Scottish Parliament.

With independence, the people of Scotland will finally be able to take control of their own affairs rather than blame others for our country's problems.

With independence, there will be no WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION on our shores! An independent Scotland will lead the peace movemnent and seek to promote peace not war.

If you wish to donate to the cause of independence go here, http://www.snp.org/campaigns/donate/donate.html

1. Full independence for Scotland

2. Furtherance of all Scottish interests.

3. To remove nuclear weapons and promote peace across the globe.