Orphans Need Our Help

Sobornost For The World Foundation, Inc., is running a campaign with letters going in the mail next week to ask for support for our programs helping hundreds of children in Kenya, Zambia, and India. Please help us raise funds to meet our goal of $20,000 by…Read More

Much gratitude to Darlene for her recent donation!!

Much gratitude to Darlene for her recent donation to our "Harvest of Good" fundraiser supporting many orphans in Africa! UPDATE #1 We are hoping you've seen our "Harvest of Good" fundraiser on Facebook at Sobornost For The World Foundation cause. You can…Read More

Upcoming Concert August 11, 2012

There will be a concert entitled, "That's Amore!", held on Saturday, August 11, 2012, at 7:00 pm to benefit our orphans programs! My husband, Peter Pece, (arranger/pianist) with Bob Spiotto (director/actor) will perform some of the 800 songs that have been…Read More

Stay Tuned Updated Information

We are looking forward to bringing you updates in the coming weeks about our orphans and their progress. Stay tuned!

Winner of our recent Africa Orphans & Haiti Agricultural Raffle

Announcing the Winner of the Tropical Fair Trade Arpillera Raffle: LORRY WERNER of Hampton Bays, NY! We want to thank her for entering our raffle! Thanks, Lorry, we hope you enjoy the beautiful arpillera from Peru and the thought that it has helped our…Read More

It's a new year!

It's a new year to look forward to finding adventurous ways of bringing continued support of our 350 orphans in Kenya and Zambia. We are not just supporting these orphans for a year or two, but until they can either be placed in State-funded schools or finish…Read More

Applebees 'Dining to Donate' for our Cause

Just a reminder and a request to copy the form for Applebees on the bottom of this page. Visit 1 of 3 Applebees Restaurants between 5 and 9 pm and 10% of your bill will be donated to us! Please spread the word and pass as many flyers out as you can! We…Read More
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