Pictures of construction of the kitchen and dining hall at Friends of Christ orphanage in Ahero, Kenya

Latest news from hungry4HIM Ministry

Pray for rain in Kenya

Members of the hungry4HIM cause: I spoke with Pastor Tom this week, and learned that there has not been rain in Kenya recently. They had some rain earlier, and the online weather forecasts I was checking made it appear that they were getting rain.…Read More

Updated news

Please check out the latest news about hungry4HIM Kenya orphan ministry:

Videos about Pastor Benard and his ministry

For those who have joined the cause of Hungry4HIM, there are a few videos on YouTube now so that you can learn a little bit more about Pastor Benard and his ministry. You will see what the ministries are like in Kenya.

VBS missions projects for Kenya

Hungry4HIM has created a missions kit for your VBS this year (or next). If your VBS needs a missions project, they can decorate collection boxes to collect coins to support orphans in the Friends of Christ Orphanage in Ahero, Kenya. Point your VBS director…Read More

Benard's Vision website

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