SAY NO TO CRACKERS to stop and spread awairness amongst people about firing crackers. please spread

thank you

thank you everyone for joining. :-)   please help spreading this cause. Karan Malhotra Cause Creator

thanks for joining

thank you everyone for joining this cause. could you help by recruiting more of your friends?


thank you for joining. this cause means a lot to me..please help the cause getting maximum members.. we have to cut down this practice by at least 50% by next year.kindly invite all your friends

thank you

thank you everyone for joining... this cause means a lot to me.thank you

thank you

thank you all for joining,also invite your friends to join

thank you

thank you for joining. please take a pledge and send this cause invitation to all your friends to make this cause active.we have to minimize firing of crackers by at least by 50% by next diwali

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