LFWP stands for tolerance and against suppression of any human, no matter which gender, political or sexual alignment, skin color or other differences. LFWP stands for a better, fair world. TOGETHER

Since the beginning of the 'GOOD NIGHT WHITE PRIDE'-Campaign until now, it has kept growing and it has turned out to be one of the most successful
campaigns of the alternative music culture against Nazis and fascists.
Those were ofensively banished and got kicked out of hardcore venues. New festivals and concerts with the campaign’s content were originated. From thebeginning
it has been made clear that the appearance of right-extreme ideas of any kind won’t be tolerated.

Another indication of the campaign’s success is the „Good Night White
Pride“-logo. At the beginning it was only used timidly on concert posters and now you it is impossible to think of the alternative music scene without the logo. It represents the basic intention of people and locations
can be seen for example on posters, all sorts of clothes, buttons, and at venue entries or shops.

The campaign started within the hardcore scene and spread quickly through most alternative styles of music from punk rock to pop music and has become a symbol for an active fght against Nazis

But of course we won’t let things like this ruin this successful campaign. Furthermore we have noticed that wearing the GNWP-logo has become some sort of common lifestyle.
All those things have made us decide
to go one step ahead with our campaign.
We’re starting “Let’s Fight White Pride” to turn words (“Good Night”) into actions (“Let’s Fight”). With the publication of our new logo and our relations via internet, posters and fyers we want to raise the awareness of the situation
and we want to refresh the campaign against Nazis and racists in music and society.

At the end of the 90’s the campaign „Good
Night White Pride“ was founded by
people of the hardcore scene to stop the increasing presence of Nazis and racists at concerts. What was started by a bunch of people found rapidly support by bands, youth centres show promoters and others. Behind this is a simple and straight
idea: because neither racists nor fascists are supernatural, we’re able to fght and beat them. It has to be made clear that there is no space for any of them in the hardcore scene – not even one inch!
The strength of racism and fascism is the separation of its active and ofensive antis.

Hardcore neither is a movement by nor
for social workers! If we’re talking about hardcore as a street culture we’re defnitely not talking about a supporting programme for
street workers, but an offensive defence of unimpeachable values of HC!
Therefore this campaign has to be understood as a plea for direct and active action to show that the ideas and the background of hardcore do not tolerate racists and fascists.

1. Racism, sexism should be given NO CHANCE! NOWHERE!

2. Tolerance is the only base of a fair-minded World order!

3. Together, a few people can change the world!