Enlight the people that we are disturbing the biggest ecosystem of them all by hunting and eating these endangered spicies! Can't we survive without killing them?

It's time to show people whats really going on in
the world!

In this video Japan is showing itself to the world as a nation that is completely out of touch with who they are and their surroundings. By pushing for a resuption to commercial whaling (a battle that was fought out decades ago!) and massacring dolphins as illustrated here in this video, they are displaying the kind of maddness that we are meant to be questioning and fighting against in these crucial times.

It's time to take action and stand up and enlight people about the cruelty many countries use in this Industry that really shoulden't excist!

It's not only inhuman and unnecessary but it is doing more damage to the human species and our own evolution than they could possibly imagine. The time to act is now (boycott, lobby, spread awareness, whatever you can do all helps)- we owe it to ourselves, our oceans and all those highly intelligent beings we cant seem to respect and appreciate.

I have chosen that if you like to donate something... It will go to Sea Shepherd an organisation who is crewed by volunteers, and engage in expeditions armed with cameras and video tape to document any illegal exploitation of marine wildlife or habitat. Working against the commercial seal hunt in both Canada and in the Scottish Orkney Islands, halting the dolphin slaughter in Iki, Japan, and stopping illegal driftnetters in the Pacific Ocean. Sea Shepherd is the only organization in the world that actively enforces the International Whaling Commission ban on whaling.


Just mention in your donation that You found out about seashepherd from Andreas Gazis on Facebook.

Thank You For Caring!

1. Don't eat Sharks, dolphins or other endangered Animals, When the buying stops the killing stops to!