To enhance the living standard of peoples living in the in area deprived from the govt developmental works throgh quality education.

To create conducive learning environment to enabling students to learn with analytical approach ,to develop sense of participation for the development of their area and to invovle in positive social activities to polish their hidden virtues.

Project: kalasha institute of management sciences
Kalash institute of management sciences is designed for quality of education in rural areas of our country particularly united valleys of kalash to make the roots of education strong.
The only solution of development is quality of education therefore kalash peoples development network has been designed KIMS to fulfill this long-term dreams of kalash community as whole and women in particular.

To achieve the pre determined goals of quality education for the people living in under developed part of the country, where most of the residents are leading below poverty line living at this juncture one would request the active involvement of the government and international non-government organization to joint their hands with the locals for the establishment of the institution required to discharge quality education to the under pri vilaged younth of the area.By providing quality education to the local youth would allievate the poverty of the area in the years to come hence bringing mirth and properity to the neglected and uder develop part of the country.

1. There are no colleges in Kalash valleys.

2. There is no institute where Kalasha students can get qaulity of eduaction.

3. Moiving to outside from Kalash valleys is disturbing kalash community.