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That time of year!

WOW! Another year has flown by! I can't believe it! CV has had a wonderful 2010 year! Lots of great ministry took place all over the nation and CV was honored to be a part. We have so much in store with CV in 2011 from missions,to movies, to new partnerships…Read More

CV Update!

Hello to all our friends and supporters! We just thought we would drop by and give you a little update on what is on the horizon with Clear Vision Drama Company. We are gearing up for a busy summer and looking forward to getting back on the road,although the…Read More

Tis the Season

Thank you all so much to those who have contributed to Clear Vision this year! Although we have had some rocky roads financially we have truly been blessed! And we are excited to see all of the things God has in store for 2010! CV is definitely not in the…Read More


 Hey guys...we are falling way behind for the $50,000. leader currently is at 1200 and we are closing in on 200. You can give $10 each day if you want,but odds are stacked against us. Or you can just make your final intended donation because we need all of…Read More


 You guys have been just awesome in supporting our cause! Some on a consistent basis. Keep it comming the contest goes until Nov. 6. so keep spreading the word by passing it on to your other facebook friends. Just click on the tell friends button and fire…Read More

Sunday is a GREAT DAY!

 Hey all you faithful supporters. sunday is a great day to try and win the top donations for the day to win $1000. Pass it on to all your peeps. Love ya!   Paul May Cause Creator


 Fridays winner is gonna win it with just a little over 80 donations for that day. Saturdays are usually even less than that. So today will be a GREAT day to donate your $10 to help us win the award of $1000. Tell your friends. If you are one household with…Read More
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