Alexa's 8th b-day is coming!!

We are so excited to celebrate Alexa's 8th b-day on the 12th of July!! She has fought cancer for almost 4 years and every birthday is a celebration of life ! She is so precious and such a blessing. We are so thankful that one year ago she relapsed with a…Read More

Alexa is still the miracle girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH!!!Just got the call our superstar Alexa is still cancer free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Thank you prayer warriors!!!!! Funny Alexa story: The nurses asked her today "What are you going to say to Dr. Grupp about your…Read More

Scans today!!!

Prayer warriors Alexa and I will be heading down to KOP CHOP clinic for her MIBG scan this morning at 9:30. Please think and pray for her and that she remains cancer free. We are staying strong keeping our heads up and still have HOPE!! Thank you!!! I will…Read More

Alexa is still the miracle girl!!!!

So Alexa and I are heading down to KOP CHOP clinic for her weekly check-up. She started her 6th round of chemo today. She is still doing amazingly well!! I started this cause to inform others no matter how down you are or troubles you have you can never lose…Read More

Alexa's results are in!!

Yeah we got the calll...... ALEXA IS STILL OUR AMAZING, MIRACLE CANCER FREE GIRL!!!!!!!!!! YEAH PARTY!!!!! Alexa was first diagnosed in 9/05 with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She went through 6 rounds of chemo, stem cell transplant, 5 surgeries, 40 plus blood…Read More

Scans next week!

Prayer warriors...Please Pray for our girl! Next week Alexa will under go her scans to make sure the cancer is still gone!! O we pray it is!!! She is doing amazingly! Thriving and growing everyday! She attends school and loves every moment of being a normal…Read More

Alexa is still cancer free!!!!!

ALEXA IS STILL NED( No evidence of disease) !!!!YEAH!!!! We are sooo thankful! Thank you prayer warriors!!! Believe in miracles, our Alexa is one! She is still here loving life and defying the odds, believe in Hope!! Here is our little girl given terrible…Read More
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