Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to thank everyone for supporting this cause. Secondly and most importantly, it is time to kick this cause into high gear. With election season coming up, it is crucial that some buzz gets generated for this cause. It would be awesome…Read More

For your consideration

Smoking pot is another cause worth fighting for. Now more then ever we need things that are cheap and bought frequently to help boost the economy, please read and sign this petition.

Please and thank you.

For anyone whos is like Ken and Sarah. If you have a problem with "Damaging our brains" and "Cause that only effect ourselves", go start your own causes. I give so little of a shit about what you have to say, and I think most other people would agree with me…Read More

Thank you

Thank you to every one who has joined this cause. It is spreading very well. Please Invite more people. If everyone invites 10 people a day, more people will become aware of what we are trying to do and this will become a huge succses. All we want is people…Read More
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