To educate owners of these magnificent dogs on proper socialization, handling and training practices. It's time to start educating the public... "Responsible Ownership" is the only way!!!

I am outraged when I hear of a dog mauling a person. However, in my 20 years of dog training, it's NOT the fault of the four legged creature but of the two legged owners themselves and their mistreatment of these very lovable dogs.
When I was a child, it was rare to hear about dog attacks in the media, whereas nowadays you hear of them more frequently and with MORE intensity. The reasons for this are simple. The media is biased as we all know and will show only that of which the general public may take interest in. Such bad press is because some owners of rottweilers or pitbulls will neglect them, fail to train them, show aggression toward them, or sadly even abuse them.
Who can blame them for learning from their owners? Is it really fair to condemn an entire breed based on the irresponsible actions of a few bad people?

1. Leave guard and attack training to experienced professionals.

2. Rottweilers and pitbulls should be properly socialized.

3. Rottweilers and pitbulls are not aggressive... some OWNERS make them out to be.

4. Lift all bans and instead, legislate for screening of responsible ownership.