Land Title Dispute between Chief Kaneekaneet and Elizabeth II leads to his volatile imprisonment.

Land Title Dispute between Chief Kaneekaneet and Elizabeth II leads to his volatile imprisonment. Chains and ankle bracelets. No explanations - no just cause ; no due process; no lawyer; 120 days without information on why he is locked up. No provisons of…Read More

The Appeal was denied

Steven Johns-Agecoutay " They denied my appeal for dad" ... "I'm gonna need help with this stuff now" .... " Going to go to Queens bench next"

May 28th 2012 Chief KaneeKaneet was arrested and taken to Jail.

Once again Chief KaneeKaneet has been unjustly thrown in jail, by the employees of The Ultra Vires Corporation claiming to be The Government of Saskatchewan. They lack jurisdiction over him. They are threatening to keep him in Jail for three years. This is a…Read More


Hi There Every1; Just thought it was high time I posted an announcement to welcome ALL new members & Thank all who have been recruiting/inviting their friends - please don't stop! I know I haven't been around for awhile however you All remain in my…Read More

Strength in Numbers

Hi Everyone; I would like to take this time to say Mikwech/Thank you ALL for your support. Again I ask that you keep up with the recruiting & inviting your friends.I think this is a very important Cause & not just for the Freedom of my Brothers but…Read More

In the last five days we have had 46 people join to Free KaNeeKaNeet the Seventh Generation Spiritual Leader of his People.

The reality of freedom, beyond the corporate agenda needs to be revealed here in what we think of as Canada, too often people have had some idea that we could judge all the other places in the world, yet promote Canada as such a "nice" place, well the reality…Read More

Were 10 away from 700 members worldwide in the Cause to Free KaNeeKaNeet, with some work on each ones part we will reach 1000 !!!

Were a few from 700, so lets reach it today with every ones help inviting as many people to join. Our goal is simple, create awareness of a great injustice that is done to a good man and his people. There is a world of Peace for all of us and KaNeeKaNeet is…Read More
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