URGENT - PLEASE Make Small Donation before 3:00 PM EST

WE ARE DOING GREAT! We have already racked up 16 donations and over $190 in under 12 hours. However, we still need at least 16 more individual donations to get the $1000 prize. Please, make a $10 donation before 3:00 PM EST to help the Cause win the…Read More

URGENT - PLEASE Join the NEW Foose Memorial Fund Page

This is an urgent message to all members: Facebook Causes has unveiled a new promotional program which could allow our cause to receive up to $50,000. We could also win $1000 if this cause receives 20 unique donations before 3:00 PM EST on January 15th. Here…Read More

Change of Focus

Thank you for all the money you have contributed so far. I am posting this message to announce that I have taken this campaign to the ears of the Mercersburg Academy Alumni and Development office, and soon, an official Mercersburg-sponsored endowment in Dr.…Read More

Contributions Needed!

Dear Members, I am delighted that so many of you have joined the Facebook group and the "Causes" Application to honor Dr. Foose's career at Mercersburg and in the field, and to support wildlife conservation research. However, this is a fund-raising program,…Read More

Small Donations appreciated

If you have any money to spare, please know that we greatly appreciate small contributions to the Dr. Thomas J. Foose Memorial Wildlife Fund. On "Causes" the minimum pre-determined donation you can make is $10, but if you click "Other", then you can make…Read More

TELL your friends and family!

You guys have been great and doing this so far, but make sure to tell your facebook friends or family on facebook to join the Dr. Foose Memorial Wildlife Fund! It is crucial that we keep our membership momentum going! Thank you all, Jan W.

Student Advantage Sign UP - Memorial Fund Support

Take advantage of this opportunity to support the Dr. Thomas J. Foose Memorial Wildlife Fund: Every time someone joins Student Advantage through my facebook…Read More
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