Back to Say 'No' to Gunns Ltd Pulp-Mill!

Update: Sodra and the Pulp Mill

Wow, what a week! Last Thursday we launched a cyberaction calling on Swedish company Sodra to commit to not joining with Gunns Ltd to build the Tamar Valley pulp mil.

More than 4,000 signatures and two days later, Sodra released a statement confirming any involvement it has with Gunns would only occur if 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified, plantation timber is used, and if the pulp mill uses best practice totally chlorine-free technology.

This breakthrough came about because people like you took action - thank you! But many issues remain unresolved.

Right now, Gunns is logging native forests across Tasmania. For anyone to have confidence that any project in Tasmania is to be plantation-based, our precious native forests need to be protected.

I need you to send our updated message to Sodra's CEO, Mr Leif Broden, now.

Take action ->;

Invite your friends to take action too ->;

Sodra now need to support the protection of Tasmania's irreplaceable native forests if they are to become involved in a pulp mill project with Gunns and make it clear they won't build a pulp mill threatening the local environment and community in the Tamar Valley.

Take urgent action by signing our updated online petition today.

And please pass this on to your friends and family too. We urgently need to get as many messages to Mr Broden as possible to ensure he understands Australians want to ensure our world-class forests are protected.

Your involvement so far has made a huge difference. Keep up the great work!


Paul Oosting
Pulp Mill Campaigner
The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc

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