Autism is more common in boys than girls

  • Yes (83% people answered this)
  • No (8% people answered this)
  • It's 50/50 (7% people answered this)

137 people answered.


Correct answer is: Yes

Gene may be key to why autism affects boys more. Read more:


To raise awareness, push for diversity, lobby the schools, create a better world for those who are differently-abled. This cause has taken on a life of its own, let's keep up the good work! _____________________________ Our current logo is courtesy of Eric Youngquist. If you like the puzzle symbol our cause is using, please visit 1. Orient Asperger's/high functioning autism programs in government schools to focus on the students as "gifted," as most are in their field of interest, 2. Raise awareness, by whatever means you think are best. Telling friends, writing blogs, articles or emails. Whatever you think does the job. 3. Lobby politicians and public officials to address the concerns of the autistic community. 4. Rigorously maintain oversight of disabled programs and make sure part of the focus is on the Autistic community 5. Correct ignorance. When you see someone characterize autism or make fun of those with the disorder, make sure they realize how wrong they are. With a

Autism spectrum disorders affects four times as many boys as girls.


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