Support Civil and Human rights injustices by demonstrating against them through a silent gesture handed down.

In honor of the Late Peter Norman who died last year, I need support from all of you who believe that the Civil and Human Rights of all mankind are important. To get involved please join our cause and ask 10 members of your facebook to join also. By then asking them to send this on to 10 more facebook friends we should be able to get our message to the World quicker and with more support. I'm not asking for money or for you to donate time, I just want you to invite 10 friends to this cause and ask them to do the same. By doing this you are supporting those people who have lost their lives because of the color of their skin, have been abused by their sexuality, have been pushed aside because they don't fit in.

We are all human. To stand up for something you believe in you do not need to use violence, war or aggression... you need to use passion, belief and courage. Help our cause. Stand up like the late Peter Norman did back in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics during the black power protest. Peter stood for the civil and human rights injustices faced by African Americans even though this was not safe to do so. Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman were all part of a revolution to make issue with the World. I am Peter Norman's nephew and hope to start where he left off. Please help our cause.

I have just finished the film "SALUTE". More details can be found at www.salutethemovie.com A percentage of profits from this film will be donated to civil and human rights causes. Please don't donate money to us but instead watch the film SALUTE on its release next year (2008) and also send your photo's to us. We'll add it to a special webpage and then showcase the support to the world.

A silent protest speaks a thousand words. Help us speak out.

1. No human should put up with civil or human injustice

2. The Civil and Human rights movement must continue for a new generation

3. The color of your skin should not dictate the person you are.