As Americans nowadays, I see less and less people showing respect for our country. I also see less graititude. I see more protest marches. I see stupid bumperstickers that basically say the troops should not be in Iraq, or that America is dumb. I hear conversations at school about how America is so stupid. I see people NOT standing up for the pledge of allegiance. Well, let me tell you something right now. If you don't like America, then get out now. Make room for people who actually want to be here. Make room for people who aren't going to complain all day and are going to WORK HARD. But, part of respecting America is supporting our troops. And if you show respect for this amazing country, you will join this group. If you don't show respect, GET OUT.

1. Respecting this country.

2. Supporting our troops.

3. Being grateful to live in this AMAZING country.