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Dear Friends:

As the president of Heartbeat of Miami, I want to thank you for your prayers and financial support. This is the most difficult letter I have ever written.

We have a tough decision to make within the next few weeks. Giving is down 48% from last year and unless we restore that giving immediately, Heartbeat of Miami Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics will not be able to continue. It may be my fault we have come to this because I may have not been bold enough in my request for your help. Now I must be transparent with you. Our staff has not been paid in a month and their health insurance has been canceled. Yet they all show up sacrificially each day because lives and women's souls are at stake. We have only been able to pay half of our rent. I know you have God's heart for His "least of these" and I believe you have God's provision for this mission, or know someone who does. This is it. All that will be left are the 37 abortion businesses to "solve the problem" of these women seeking help. They will be happy to see us go. Will God allow this? I have never been more grieved in all my life.

The people of God are the only ones sustaining this ministry. The world does not care about the Sanctity of Life. God in us does. Our enemy uses fear to stop funding. Pledges have not been kept. Foundations are not giving nor fulfilling their pledges. Even churches have not come through. Our banquet did not reach its goal for giving. I have to forgive because they do not realize what they are doing. Many do not understand what the cost of fear is. Someone offered us a 2000 sq ft clinic last month in Little Havana, right across from a school. It was like salt in a wound. How could we fund an extra $150,000/yr even though we have trained staff and volunteers ready to do what God called them to do?

This is what we need now: Those who can write large checks please write them now ( Then I need each of you to prayerfully consider an amount you would be faithful to give each month electronically (Heart for Life partner Then, as you are able and God leads, sow on top of your monthly gift every time He nudges you. Our Lord will bless your obedience! Help us with the funds we need to continue this work; the pain of underfunding is unbearable. Sow on top as God leads and needs arise. I promise to be bolder and clearer with you as to what is going on. We are yoked in the Spirit together for His heart of life and harvest. Thousands of babies have been saved, the hearts of many post-abortion women have been healed and souls won for the Kingdom, how can we stop? You know God started this; He alone will carry it through, with you and me.

I am going to work tomorrow anyway. If I have to crawl on my hands and knees, I will crawl. I trust my God and His yoke on me. I promise to make every dollar count for His kingdom, so that you might have treasures in heaven for your giving. Sacrifice with us please. Forgive me for not telling you sooner. Perhaps I was afraid. Please do not hesitate to call me at 786-525-9510 if you wish. If you cannot give at this time, please seek the hem of His garment for us.

Love and blessings always,
Martha Avila

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