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Glory to our Lord!

Dear Friends:

I have no words to express my gratitude for your help in raising the funds to match the $25,000 challenge given to us by a generous donor. In one month we were able to raise $25,399.00. We cried to Jesus and His love once again spilled over! I cannot contain my joy!

Everything that we have gone through during these past 4 months has been transparent to the women we have faithfully served. Our two Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics have remained open, “business as usual.” We are all on volunteer status since June 20, 2009. Along with other faithful volunteers, the women that come for help continue to receive the love and support we offer and babies continue to be rescued from the horrible death of abortion. God has been with us, drying our tears and giving us that supernatural strength only He is capable of giving.

Please continue to pray for us because the real ministry is in the day-to-day warfare against that horrible spirit of death that hovers intensely over Miami. Our doors must remain open every day if we are to continue our mission of praying and counseling women and couples in a crisis pregnancy, ministering God's love and plan for their lives and revealing their baby who with a silent scream cries from the womb, “Please do not kill me”. Jesus hears that cry.

If you are already a monthly giver, thank you for your faithful support. If not, I must now ask you to please prayerfully consider becoming a “Heart for Life Partner” with monthly giving of any amount that the Lord moves you to give.

This is the only way we can remain open. Without a predictable “income” every month, we cannot budget for our needs. Meaning we would stay in “crisis” mode---scrambling for single gifts, hoping to be able to pay our bills on time and not being able to bring back our 7 employees as paid staff. I know it is not God’s will for us to operate this way.

These times are uncertain, but I know that there is no lack in Heaven. I know now more than ever that “my God will meet all your needs, and our needs, according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19. Our faith has been strengthened. In awe we look back at what God has already done and with joy we look forward to what He will continue to do through Heartbeat of Miami Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics!

For His Glory!


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