She's our newest, biggest, fluffiest and cutest factory farming campaigner! Fan her facebook page to follow her campaign trail as she visits supermarkets around the country throughout December, urging managers and customers to ditch factory-farmed products!…Read More

Urge Woolworths to End Their Support of Cruel Tassie Pig Farmer

On 30th June 2009, a major pork supplier for Woolworths will go to court in Tasmania in one of Australia's worst ever cases of commercial animal cruelty. Investigators who visited the farm, found starving pigs with leg wounds so severe that they could not…Read More

New Animals Australia Page on Facebook

Please support Animals Australia by becoming a fan of our new Facebook Non-Profit page: With videos, and regular news updates this is a great place to keep up to date and find out how you can…Read More

Win the Ultimate Cruelty-Free Giveaway!

Celebrate National Vegetarian week with Animals Australia and win a drool-licious basket of cruelty-free treats from our friends at the Cruelty-Free Shop! Visit for more information.


There are still so many companies testing there products on animals. Visit this like to see some of the companies. Please when possible dont buy there products it just encourages then......Cheers Liz


There is a puppy in Ingleside that needs a good home to go to! We have been trying to shut down the breeder for awhile. These puppies have been neglected, with a little care and the usual puppy vet visits they will be the best dogs around. I got a little girl…Read More


Education is so power full. Please forward this cause to your friends. So they to can be aware of these cruel act happening in Australia to our beloved Animals
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