To provide the highest quality of educational and therapeutic programming available to children with disabilities.

Our special needs students are children first with all of the needs, desires, and feelings of children without disabilities. They are more like other children than different. Their disabilities are inconveniences that keep them from enjoying full lives, and therefore must be overcome or compensated for so that the children can grow and move out into the world.

SNS exists for its students; the students do not exist for the school. Children do not have to “qualify” for SNS, they simply must need it. Students don’t have to fit into the classes; the class and program is made to meet the individual student’s needs.

1. To nurture and challenge each student on his or her own level in all developmental and curricular areas.

2. To instill in each student the positive self-image and love for learning which will lead to life long learning and personal development.

3. To support parents in their growing understanding of their childrens abilities and in their quest for the best learning environment for their children