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Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week June 7 - 13, 2015


Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week 2015 is almost here!

Help us raise awareness and understanding of rare chromosome disorders.

Here are just a few ideas to get started:

~Share the CDO website address,, with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

~Post on FB or send a Tweet every day for the week of June 7-13 describing how your child is courageous, determined, optimistic or any other adjective that best describes him or her.

~Support CDO and help raise awareness through the purchase a RCDAW t-shirt from our online store.

~Wear your new RCDAW t-shirt!

~Ask one of your child's siblings to write a poem about their special brother or sister. Share on our FB fan page.

~Share info about your child with CDO - we will feature several children each day on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

~Ask us how to personalize our new logo to include your child's photo and use as your online profile picture during Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week.

These are just a few ideas - please share yours with us too.

Thanks for helping to raise awareness of rare chromosome disorders!

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