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Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week is coming soon!


Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week is coming soon!
June 2 - 8 2014

RCDAW is a joint effort between Chromosome Disorder Outreach Inc. in the U.S. and the Unique Rare Chromosome Group in the U.K.

Approximately 1 in 200 individuals is born with a rare chromosome disorder (change). Please help us unlock the mysteries of these disorders.

What you can do to help -

Download and place RCDAW logos on your personal webpages, distribute brochures, purchase rare chromosome disorder awareness t-shirts, bookmarks and more, tell us your story on Facebook or YouTube, or put together your own awareness raising event.

You can access links to all the above and more by visiting our current CDO awareness page
for more details. If you need additional information please e-mail [email protected]

Thank you for helping us to better understand rare chromosome disorders.

Chromosome Disorder Outreach Inc.
P.O. Box 724
Boca Raton FL 33429-0724
Family Helpline (561) 395-4252
CDO is a non-profit organization providing information and support to all those diagnosed with any rare chromosome disorder.

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