put an end to the pain and suffering caused by bear baiting events in Pakistan.

Every year in India and Pakistan bears are taken from the wild and sold to be trained as dancing bears. thousands of bears in Pakistan are spending their lives being dragged by a rope or chain for cold hearted human entertainment. Many of these young and helpless cubs are left so traumatised by the experience that many die of neglect and dehidration in their short and painful lives.
Dancing bears will have a hole pierced through their lips or nose with NO anaesthetic being used for the procedure. If this isn't bad enough the bears are continuously pulled by the rope connected to their nose or lips to control them. this leaves the bear in imense long lasting pain and suffering and the constant tugging causes infection and prevents it from healing properly. The suffering is never ending and the bears live in constant fear and agony.
The traumatic experiences causes many bears to go mad and many start to show repetitive movements such as pacing up and down which is a sign of psychological distress.

Bear baiting is possibly the crulest and most inhumane blood sport. The bears firstly have their teeth and claws removed before being tied to a post and then being savagly set upon by pit-bull terriers. This heartless sport usually consists of TWENTY seperate matches ! between trained fighting dogs normally pit bulls and atleast one defensless bear. Each match lasts for an excruciating 3 minuites until the dogs are pulled of the bears which are dead or near dead.

1. Britain banned bear dancing in 1911 but this cruel form of entertainment is still happening in other parts of the world today.

2. Bears were born in the wild, so they should stay in the wild

3. Many Bear cubs are captured illegaly and forced to pose for tourists who are often blind or ingnorant to the pain and neglect caused by this grotest sport.