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As most of you know this past wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and I was reading through some information about Lent, and it was talking about making your own "Ash" or two. The "Ash" they were talking about was to take a small piece of paper and write a problem,…Read More


Wow! I havent been on here lately but all the support is so nice. God Bless all of you. Im praying for all the families of those who have missing loved ones, and that someday they can either be found or rest in peace. I just want to say Thnak You to all of…Read More

Hi everyone!

Wow... I am so happy to see that the number of members has gone WAY UP!!! That is so awesome! Keep on recruiting! Every prayer counts. Thank you to everyone!


I wanted to thank everyone who joined. Thank you for all of your prayers. If you have a loved one who is missing you are welcome to write on the wall and we will pray for them. Any donations are greatly apprechiated and will be given to "Project Jason". You…Read More

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