Help Stop Brutal Shark Finning Practices

Powerful and majestic creatures, sharks are vitally important to our waters, helping balance marine ecosystems in their role as predators. But each year, millions of sharks are prey, brutally maimed and killed just for their fins. Global demand for shark fin…Read More

Positively changing the world.

If changing the world was easy everyone would be doing it. Wait, everyone is doing it. But are you changing the world in a positive way? Think about your actions and how your actions effect others and our world. If your actions bring others hardship in…Read More

Helden Galerie is Starting a new Photography Project called "Shooting Starrs".

Support Shooting Starrs Project on our Project page. Shooting Starrs is a new photo project by Helden Galerie. The Shooting Starrs project has the goal of allowing kids the opportunity of shooting portraits of some of there favorite Singing Starrs, Film &…Read More

Fund raising for childrens carity.

Raising a million Euro for a children's charity in Germany. For all of my German Speaking friends out there, have a look at this. It is quite a creative way to help less fortunate kids.

Helden Galerie also has a Fan Page on Facebook.

Please consider joining the Helden Galerie Fan Page. It represents the same great Fine Art Photo charity fund raising organization (Helden Galerie) but it has a little bit different content. If you decide to join please invite all your friends to join too,…Read More

Italy has found Helden Galerie.

Over the past day around 20 Italians have joined Helden Galerie and if this is any indication there should be many more to follow their example. Helden Galerie cause members live all around the world but they come together in the cause to voice their support…Read More

Dwight follows Helden Galerie on twitter.

Dwight Yoakam is the latest Celebrity to follow Heldan Galerie on twitter. He is the Helden Galerie Hero of the week. Thanks Dwight, your support means a lot.
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