Our mission is to provide rural communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa with a uniquely sustainable, free supply of clean drinking water.

Kids play. water pumps! A life-changing and life-saving invention – the PlayPump® water system -- can provide improved access to clean drinking water, bring joy to children, and lead to improvements in health, education, gender equality, and economic development.

When the merry-go-round spins, it pumps uncontaminated drinking water from deep below the ground into a secure and clean 2,500-liter water tank. A simple tap provides easy access for women and children drawing water.

Every 15 seconds around the world, a child dies from a disease that came from unsafe water. Especially along the southern edge of Africa, clean drinking water is in short supply. But, it doesn't have to be this way. YOU can make a difference! For as little as $6 dollars you can provide one person with improved access to clean drinking water for 10 years.

Visit our website to learn how you can help provide access to clean water for thousands of children and communities.

1. All children deserve to have clean water

2. Clean water helps schools and communities grow and prosper

3. Clean water help eliminate disease and poverty.