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My Story-Lisa PART 2

Throughout the 4 and 1/2 years waiting to go to trial there were many disturbing events. This case would be passed to different Crown Attorneys that were called on to "represent" the Victims. I was met with apologies as the file could not be located! I was asked on two different occasions, “What is this case about?" I was told, “Someone dropped the ball!" I was told, "This case almost slipped through the cracks!" I was asked, “Why is this case still lingering on the docket?" This was not reassuring at all. Pre-trial preparation was with a female Crown Attorney. I was advised to describe incidents, but not too much. "We'll save the details for trial, she said." This would be the first time I would speak publically about some of the horrendous acts the Rapist did to me! I was told quite firmly to make sure I was there on time, no matter what! This would be my first opportunity to let the Court know what he done to me. The delays continued as the accused changed from wanting a Jury, to a Judge alone. He would hire a new lawyer. At one point he was missing and at large for 6 weeks. Someone FORGOT to WARN the VICTIMS! I actually came face to face with him once!
He was rearrested after being located in another town after a combined effort of 3 police departments! At the Pre-trial the Courts determined there was enough evidence to go to trial.
Days before the scheduled date for Trial I was called upon again to meet yet another NEW Crown Attorney. I was asked again, "What is this case about? And "Why did it take so long to get to this stage?" I explained what I knew about the Accused Pedophile/Rapist exercising HIS Rights and delaying and being missing/at large and so on. I asked this Crown Attorney if he had the evidence I had submitted. He fumbled and finally told me, “No more evidence was needed. We have enough for the trial." This would prove to be a huge mistake on the part of the Crown! Also, he added, “More evidence would cause more delays; I can see here THE COURT does not want that!" I asked him to make sure he asks me at the trial about the "day in question" when I learned that my Daughter had been sexually Violated!" It was very important to this case! It was for me, THIS CASE! He gave me a much abbreviated copy of the Pre-Trial transcript and said to read it if I needed to refresh my memory. I DID NOT. The truth was the truth. I will never forget it. I know what the ACCUSED had done to me. It will never go away. The day I learned that my Daughter was also a VICTIM of this sexual predator is a day I will never forget! By the time the trial actually happened, I was a wreck!
Being re-victimized by our Justice System , and abandonment by so called friends and suffering a heart attack after court have all left me needing to reach out and maybe help someone. I also hope to learn more about how to live, knowing what has happened to my daughter when she was just a Child.


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